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What I hate on my favorite Movie, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.”
  Sunday, January 30th, 2011

I Love everything in the movie. Its the first and the only Thai movie I have watched. :) I love the story, casting, everything except of some parts and ideas. I even cried my eyes out while watching.

SPOILER ALERT : I strongly suggest to the people who haven’t watched the movie NOT TO READ THIS POST. PLEASE.

Okay, Read more.

  • Nam’s transformation was FAST. Her hair grew REALLY FAST. Lol.
  • Chon had two years with Nam ahead of Top, he had ALL THE TIME. Why didn’t he confessed his feelings?
  • Top was Chon’s bestfriend. Bestfriends suppose to tell each other everything. As soon as Top went to their school, Chon should’ve told him about Nam.
  • If Chon is tight-lipped, and he can’t tell his feelings to Nam, then HOW THE HELL did he asked Pin to be his girlfriend and he doesn’t even like Pin?!
  • He didn’t run after Nam while she’s crying and all wet from falling in the pool, and having her heart broken.
  • Movie didn’t show how Top disappeared.
  • He loves Nam and He KNOWS Nam likes him too, he didn’t do anything.
  • He LOVES Pin’s baby so much. ERR.
  • He said he was waiting Nam to come back from the US, but all those NINE YEARS, He was still with Pin? WHAT THE.
  • Chon acts like he loves Pin so much. :(

That’s all. BEST STORY EVER. :D I think this is the best movie I can relate myself to. Although I have a lot of things to ponder, this is just the best.

And, everything is my opinion.

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